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We all have a passion in our lives, something we love, a topic we could spend hours searching for information on the internet, something that motivates us and makes us want to move … Do you know that? The devouring desire, which stimulates you and gives you incredible strength?

For me, it is traveling. Discovering new countries, new cultures, quite fabulous landscapes and meeting people with whom I have at the same time little in common at first but so ultimately! I love to meet local communities to understand their way of life, to discover the animals and customs of the country and to marvel at breathtaking panoramas.

A study by Cornell University even proved that trips were good for health. Indeed, happiness is found in traveling and not in accumulating material wealth, for unfortunately we are accustomed to these once they have been acquired. Travel, on the other hand, is a life experience, an enrichment of oneself, a discovery of who one really is when one is confronted with difficulties, alone on the other side of the world. The fact of travel contributes to the happiness of the individuals because it gives them a longer satisfaction because it remains present in the memories.

Passionate about traveling, staying short or long and discovering new destinations, I am very fortunate to have a little sister who shares the same passion for me as I do. We regularly go on an adventure together, whether it be a few days or even months, as in Australia where we lived for six months.

Our first trip was with the family in Thailand. This experience literally opened my eyes to a very different culture from ours in Europe. I enormously loved the kindness of the people and I quickly wanted to leave again to discover new places still unknown.

Professional photographer, I always have my camera with me, which keeps very good memories. I love capturing stolen moments of life to make people feel the emotions, but also unspeakable landscapes because I would not have the words to describe them myself, such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Through this website, I would like to share with you my comments, tips and good plans about the destinations I have already had the chance to discover. Having unfortunately not (yet!) Made the tour of our magnificent planet, I count on you to comment on the articles if you find that it lacks some information so that I can then add them.

I will offer you free quotes in order to guide you and propose you a trip to measure, which resembles you and fits you perfectly. Through a grid of questions and to identify you, I can adapt my offer according to your desires and what you want to visit.

Do not hesitate to contact for more information on: marianne.fernandez@hotmail.fr


 » N’ayez jamais peur de la vie, n’ayez jamais peur de l’aventure.
Faites confiance au hasard, à la destinée.
Partez, allez conquérir d’autres espaces, d’autres espérances.
Le reste vous sera donné de surcroît.  »

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