United Kingdom

London is the capital and largest city in the United Kingdom. It is the seat of the Commonwealth (an intergovernmental organization composed of 52 member states) and has more than 8 million inhabitants. London is a vibrant and culturally diverse city that plays a decisive role in the fashion and artistic trades in general.

With more than 28 million tourists per year, it is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

If the plane to London is cheap (I paid about € 40 to € 50 return / return from the south of France the two times I have been there), the on-site life is quite excessive . Indeed, the accommodation has rather high rates (whether hotels or even for apartment rentals) but also restaurants and museum visits etc.

The climate of London is particularly cold throughout the year, and the precipitation is regular, in the form of drizzle.

It is also a student city that welcomes every year students from all over the world to learn the English language.

The city of London would be very long to describe so much to do and see so I will introduce the inescapable of the city:


Hyde park and St James park are the two main parks of the British capital.

Hyde Park is the largest of the royal parks covering central London. It is a huge park where you can do sport, visit museums, make the valley and participate in cultural events such as concerts and parties. Some compare it to Central Park in New York.


Located in the Westminster area, St James Park surrounds the prestigious Westminster and Buckingham Palace and the Saint James Palace. It is the oldest of the nine royal parks in London. The most famous park in London is visited by nearly 6 million tourists each year. It is possible to walk in the shade of trees, lunch sitting in the grass, to see small squirrels that gambolent from tree to tree, but also to feed the numerous pelicans between 14h31 and 15h. The streets of the park are bordered by many trees: cypress trees, mulberry trees and fig trees, conducive to relaxation.

hyde-park-1 hyde-park-2 hyde-park-3

Big Ben is the unmistakable and mythical monument of London, how not to talk about it!

It is easily possible to view it from the outside from several different angles, but the interior is subject to several restrictions including the main one: only the British residents have the right to enter. The sound of the bell can be heard within a 6 km perimeter.

The Palace of Westminster is situated on the banks of the Thames and is often referred to as the Houses of Parliament. It can be visited from the outside as well as from the inside, as well as its gardens, but the visit of the interior is very complicated being a foreign tourist.

big-ben-1 big-ben-2 big-ben-3

Buckingham Palace is a legendary place in London where the royal family organizes events. It is one of the few places in England where royal functions are performed. The queen of England « Queen Elizabeth II » resides in this building dating from 1703.

img_2987 img_2705 img_3928

Harrods is a luxurious department store in London. With a sales area of 92,000 m2 on seven levels, it is the largest department store in London.


The area of Camden town is known for its boutiques with extravagant facades. It is considered as the most alternative area of London, with punk, goth and emo communities. As at Harrods, even if you do not buy anything, it’s very interesting to walk around to make discoveries rather … Astonishing!

img_3788 img_3801


img_3823 img_4011 img_4016


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  1. Fabien dit :

    We should definitely go back there. Great article. I’ll keep a lot of memories from this trip.


  2. Babzed dit :

    So nice articles about UK ! Thank’s for sharing your experience !


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