I went to visit Malta in May several years ago, during a long weekend in May with my little sister.

We had rented a car but the duct being reversed, we took a while to get used to it. It was pretty dangerous at first, but rather funny at the end of the stay.

The cuisine in Malta is a fabulous blend of Italian, Maghrebian and French cuisine: dishes in sauce, puff pastry, pastries, lots of fish and seafood.

The capital of Malta is Valletta, well known for its history and for its typical architecture. Populated by only 8000 inhabitants, it is quite peaceful despite the number of tourists in summer. There are narrow, steep narrow streets with very typical balconies, especially Republic Street.

Malta is a small dream island: idyllic landscape, white sand and turquoise waters, caves and cliffs. Its relief is very varied and it is therefore very pleasant to spend a few days there.

To the south of the island is St Peter’s Pool, a kind of natural pool formed by the erosion of rocks that give it a unique shape. There is no sand but only very clear colored rock and a calm blue turquoise water, where you can bathe safely. It is rather difficult to find, which gives it a lot of interest. Only the locals know where it is.


Close to this beach is the village of Marsaxlokk, with its very popular harbor. 20 minutes from La Vallette, this small village of 3000 inhabitants is famous for its fishing and its market which exposes the findings of the fishermen every lunchtime on their return. The bay is also known for its brightly colored boats floating there.


To the north-east of the island is Anchor Bay, or Popeye Village, one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It has location service for the movie Popeye released in 1980. Located between two cliffs, n can observe it from the cliff in front for a better panoramic view. The visit of the interior of the village pays off.

img_7475 img_7500

The islands of Comino and Gozo are two small islands located to the north of the island of Malta, which can be reached by ferry. There are several crossings per day, which allows you to choose the timetable that best suits your pace.


The island of Comino is the best known: Only 3 km² where the turquoise water is incredibly clear. It was his « Blue Lagoon » which made his success. So you have to go early in the morning to enjoy the beautiful scenery without being invaded by the tourists. Unfortunately, the site was denatured due to the visit of thousands of tourists every day and restaurants and deck chairs and umbrellas installed. There is only one beach, the rest of the discovery being on foot along the cliffs.

img_7120 img_7175 img_7203

You have to take another ferry to go on the island of Gozo: 5 € the crossing from the town of Cirkewwa. There are several things to see on this island as well, such as Azur Window, the saltworks of Obajiar and Golden Beach. There are several restaurants and hotels on site so it’s perfectly possible to spend several days there.

img_7212 img_7252 img_7448

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  1. Maxiiiime dit :

    Beautiful photographies.


  2. Cristobal dit :

    Very pretty, as in my memories


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