I wanted to visit New Zealand, in Oceania, for a long time because it is apparently one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Indeed, its landscapes are reputed to be grandiose.

As a result of our trip to Australia, we, my sister and I, organized our trip to New Zealand to discover the wealth of this country

It should be noted that New Zealand is divided into two islands: North Island and South Island. We decided to rent a car and visit both, at our own pace, following our desires. This is what I advise you if you want to enjoy each place because it allows you to manage yourself and choose the time you want to spend in each place.

Our journey lasted two weeks, so I will introduce you to the points that have marked us most, but there would be dozens of items to be done to be more complete. I invite you to contact me if you would like more information.


The island of the North is characterized by a unique coastline: chiseled creeks and bays with white or black sand. It is also an island with multiple volcanoes, associated with a fascinating geothermal activity. It is in these landscapes that the films of the Seigner des Anneaux were filmed for example. There is also the village of the Hobbits. The heart of the island is made of endless stretches of meadows, impressive forests, hiking trails for all. It is indeed the place for hiking. Historic heritage is rich especially in cities like Auckland and Wellington.

We visited Wai-o-tapu in Rotorua, where volcanic activity exudes a smell of sulfur throughout the city and where you can see hot geysers and mud pool. It is on the site of Wai-o-tapu that we see enormous elements rich in color. The best known is the « Champagne Pool »: a large circle of water about thirty meters in diameter that plunges 250m underground to be heated to 230 ° C. It’s impressive !

rotorua-1 rotorua-2

rotorua-3 rotorua-4

Thanks to the ferry, we crossed the ocean with our car to go to the South Island. The South Island has unique national parks to discover on foot or kayak and amazing cities (Queenstown or Dunedin). There are lakes and fiords forged by ancient glaciers, networks of valleys forest recovered by the sea and a whole panoply of astonishing colors controlled by the different climates and altitudes that one meets there.

Lake Matheson formed when global warming resulted in snowmelt. Victim of its success, it is found represented everywhere. There is a very well laid out tour around the lake.


We then went on day trips to Rob Roy. We have discovered absolutely beautiful landscapes and thousands of sheep (New Zealand has more than 20 million of sheeps!).

rob-roy-1 rob-roy-2 rob-roy-3 rob-roy-4 rob

We continued our drive to Te Anau, to visit Fiordland National Park. Classified as UNESCO World Heritage, the National Park offers some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. New Zealand’s unmissable cruises can be found in the Fiordland National Park, UNESCO world heritage site. The fiords, dug during the glacial era, are a separate universe where water and plants seem to be engaged in a constant struggle.

With « Cruise Milford », we went to the discovery of Milford Sound, also known as « Piopiotahi » in Maori. It is surrounded by rock walls of more than 1000 meters on both sides. A luxuriant virgin rainforest clings to these cliffs, while seals, penguins and dolphins unique to this region frolic in its waters. It is the only fiord accessible by road.

 fjords-1 fjords-2 fjords-3 fjords-4 fjords-5 fjords-6

Further southeast, we went for a ride on the hills of Catlins Forest Park and discovered the wild sea lions of Surat Bay.

img_1704 img_7482

Moeraki Boulders: Short but essential step of any trip to New Zealand. A fantastic panorama and legend!


The beautiful Pukaki Lake is part of a sparsely populated area famous for sheep breeding. With an area of 169 km2 (8km wide by 27 km long), it is considered the most beautiful lake in New Zealand. The turquoise blue color of the water is impressive! It is due to the rock dust suspended in the waters from glaciers reflected by the sun.

img_1761 img_1818

In summary, New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country, very quiet and peaceful. We were able to admire breathtaking views and views that we will never see again, that’s for sure! I highly recommend to nature lovers.


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  1. Josh dit :

    WoW! Absolutly great article, I really want to go to New Zealand too


  2. M. ROBOT dit :

    So amazing picture ! I I dream of being able to go there one day! =D


  3. magnificent ! It really makes you want to go ****


  4. Nicolas dit :

    The middle earth ❤ ! I would like to go to New Zealand once


  5. Pooh Winnie dit :

    I dream of going to New Zealand one day, I am always amazed to see the Haka every time I watch a rugby match !
    Thanks for sharing your experience !


  6. Mozelman dit :

    The pictures are magic, bravo!


  7. Roxane dit :

    So beautiful ❤


  8. Olivier dit :

    Oh the new zealand! I love this country ! It is in these magnificent landscape where was filmed the movie « The Lord of the rings »


  9. Krebs philippe dit :

    I love the picture with turquoise water, dedicated to nature lovers for sure !!!! What a nice country once again. As a conclusion you seems to have visited some of the best place in the world. Thanks to you to share your pictures with us.


  10. Juliette dit :

    New Zealand ! What a beautiful contry !


  11. Kempf pauline dit :

    The pictures are beautiful! This lake is a turquoise blue absolutely sublime! Wonderful scenery! Thank you for making us travel a little!


  12. Claire dit :

    Great article, great photos Marianne! What a dream ✨


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