I went several times to Spain, Madrid or Barcelona for example, but the city I preferred to visit is Sevilla. It is therefore this that I shall present in more detail in this article.

My trip to Sevilla was a surprise organized by my family for my 25 years. I went with a friend as well as my mom at least from June.

Sevilla is a city located in the south of Spain, the capital of Andalusia. It is located in the center of a rich agricultural region and is the economic, political and cultural heart of Andalusia.

seville-1 seville1-2

This city has a lot of charm. The influence of the Maghreb on architecture and cuisine is immensely felt, but it also retains its Spanish roots by offering typical dishes and imposing its Andalusian culture. There are several animations in each of the streets of the old town, where there are many monuments inscribed on the patrimony of humanity.

rues-1 rues-5 rues-6

rues-7 rues-8

Its imposing Cathedral is dazzling by its beauty, as well as its Giralda. Inside this Gothic cathedral is the royal chapel. Note that in the morning, the visit is free! You can find small carriages all around to visit the city more quickly and without walking.

We chose not to rent a car and visit everything on foot.

Obviously, in June, we got very hot! There was even an afternoon when we stopped our visits because it became untenable. But its artistic heritage of great wealth has pushed us to continue … To not miss anything! I will introduce you to the main things to see in Sevilla:

The Palace of the Alcazar is one of the best examples of Andalusian architecture. This magnificent palace, located not far from the Cathedral of Sevilla, was built between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. It is possible to visit it by paying an entrance and enjoying as much as one wishes wonders inside. We could even spend several days there, so much to see! This royal palace with the Muslim touches was created in the 8th century and has since experienced modifications by the Spanish sovereigns. It is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city and the country and one of the most visited places in Spain!

alcazar-1 alcazar-2 alcazar-3 alcazar-4

Further in Sevilla, the “Plaza de España” is a real open-air museum. This place is impressive by its grandeur is its beauty. You can sit in the middle and marvel at the buildings and the fineness of the sculptures, but you can also visit the interior to be cool. In the center, it is possible to rent a small boat to sail.


piazza-di-spagna-2 piazza-di-spagna-3 piazza-di-spagna-4

We also visited the Arenas de la Real Maestranza in Caballeria de Sevilla, famous for their unique and characteristic architecture: Its style is post-baroque with neo-classical tendencies. They would be the most beautiful and the most elegant arenas and possess the category of Property of Cultural Interest.


There is another very special monument in Sevilla: the Metropol Parasol. This monument in the form of a giant mushroom is a wooden structure of 150 by 75 m, a height of 28 m. It is this project that won a contest where several projects were presented to rehabilitate the place of the incarnation. It has five levels but its outer appearance is the most interesting.

metropol-parasol-1 metropol-parasol-2



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  1. BabzDotCom dit :

    Nice article ! I was there last summer!

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  2. Key dit :

    I wish i could go to Sevilla ! This article makes me wanna go even more 🙂

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  3. David TERME dit :

    A neighboring country with such pictures visual happiness and not the other end of the world, a Latin world has worn out, too handsome, I’m a fan. THANK YOU


  4. Olivier dit :

    Wawww so nice web site ! Hope one day i’ll travel to madrid 🙂


  5. Lucas dit :

    Que ciudad maravillosa ! Me encanta este pais ! Necesitarias hacer uno de Barcelona o de Madrid que tambien son ciudades lindas !


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