We stopped in Singapore on our way to Australia. With the airline Emirates, it was possible to choose a city where to stop for a few days before joining Australian territory. We opted for this option, wishing to discover this unknown place.

Singapore is actually made up of 64 islands, the largest of which, Pulau Ujong, hosts each year the 10 million tourists. Its total area is 712 km2 with 5.4 million inhabitants.

This state of 50 years is influenced by Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures.

There are many things to see in Singapore:

The iconic Singapore building is Marina Bay Sands with its highest swimming pool in the world. It consists of 2560 rooms, a casino and a museum. The view from the pool is stunning. Unfortunately, it is not accessible to visitors, only for hotel guests. I would really like to have a chance to swim there!

We were able to climb up to sip a little fruit juice while enjoying the view of the city.

marina-bay-1 marina-bay-3 marina


One of the most spectacular places in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay, a totally futuristic place. It is possible to visit the outside for free to admire the giant trees (the Supertree Grove, 25 to 50 meters high) and there are also two paying gardens: Flowers Dome and Rain Forest.

img_2433 img_2444

In the center of the city, Merlion Park is the perfect place to discover the futuristic Singapore with its huge financial district. The statue of the lion is world famous and represents Singapore.

img_2524 img_2732

Singapore Botanic Gardens is also a highly prized place. The gardens are huge, it’s even possible to get lost. There is a fantastic collection of orchids from all over the world but also wild animals. You should be careful to take water with you because the climate is very hot and humid and you have to hydrate yourself.

img_2741 img_2773 img_2782

In Chinatown, there are two must-see monuments: The Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth Relic and the Sri Mariamman Temple.

The first is magnificent and opulent and houses a collection of works of Buddhist arts of past centuries. It also houses an important relic that the great leaders of the Buddhist world call the authentic tooth of the Buddha.

img_2703 img_2710

The second is the oldest and most important Indian temple in Singapore, listed as a historical monument since 1973. It is very funny!


Sentosa (meaning « peaceful » in Malay) is an island and tourist resort in Singapore, visited by about 5 million tourists a year. There are several amusement parks, 5-star hotels, gold courses and superb beaches. We chose to focus on the latter: Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.

sentosa-1 sentosa-2 sentosa-3


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  1. BabzDotCom dit :

    You have wonderful website !!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your advice, experience and these wonderful pictures that you took during your round the world trip.


  2. M. ROBOT dit :

    Thank you for sharing your experience !


  3. Tjorbjorn dit :

    Singapore, I was in this beautiful city last summer! Loved sleeping at the Marina Bay Sands, what a wonderful hotel!


  4. audreyblr dit :

    It is so different of France! It is incredible!


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