Thailand is THE fashionable tourist destination in Asia right now. It offers an excellent value for money and there is something for all tastes: From villages of tribes lost in the mountains to the big cities such as Bangkok, passing by hundreds of temples but also seaside resorts and paradisiacal islands … You will inevitably find happiness in Thailand! It is also a place that many French people love, whether it is for holidays, their retirement or even to open a business.

Thailand is full of wonders: Jungles splattered with orchids, villages on stilts populated by faces with smiling faces, terraced rice paddies with golden temples and monks in orange robes.

We did this family trip, with the company « Plein Vent Voyages ». This tour has allowed us to fully enjoy the riches of this country.

29-3 32-1

We visited Bangkok, its Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. In the Grand Palace are several monuments and temples, whose architectural styles are very different.

bangkok-1 bangkok-2

We then took a boat trip on the Mae Klong River, along the klongs lined with floating houses and tropical gardens. It was very impressive to see the floating market of Damnoen Saduak and to discover the local in their daily habits. Indeed, we have absolutely not the same life or the same comfort, but they seem very happy. They are very smiling and ready to help us as soon as they can.

marche-flottant-1 marche-flottant-2 marche-flottant-3 marche-flottant-4

Ayutthaya is the capital of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. It was the capital of the Thais for 417 years and is a historic park classified World Heritage by Unesco. We visited the archaeological site of the city and met again from the absolutely touching premises, especially the old lady in the picture below. It was an indescribable moment.

ayut-1 ayut-2 ayut

A little further on is the town of Lopburi, a monkey paradise. They are everywhere ! They even installed bars at the windows of the houses to prevent them from entering. One must be very careful because they have diseases and can contaminate humans.


Wat Doi Suthep temple is a Buddhist temple located in the province of Chiang Mai. It is located at the very top, on the mountain of Doi Suthep. So you have to walk hundreds of steps before you get there, but the show is beautiful. Great views from Wat Doi Suthep. There are hundreds of little bells that are hung and make music with the wind blowing … It’s a magical place.


We continued our journey to Chiang Rai in the Golden Triangle. It is a mountainous region where countries meet: Thailand, Laos and Burma. We did a cruise on the Mekgon river before crossing to spend a few hours in Laos.

triangle-dor-1 triangle-dor-2 triangle-dor-3

We then visited a place with elephants and demonstrated their talents.

tri-1 tri-2

We then spent a few relaxing days in South Thailand, next to the city of Pattaya. The atmosphere was not at all the same of course, and I think I preferred to visit the more typical tribes and villages. We took a boat to the island of Koh Lan to rest before returning to France.

koh-lan-1 koh-lan-2 koh-lan-3 koh-lan-4 koh-lan-5

This first traveled opened my mind, showed me what could happen elsewhere than in my daily life and made me want to discover the world.

Click here to doscover another great website about Thailand, in order to travel there 🙂



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  1. Fernandez marc dit :

    Beautiful photo report that makes us discover Thailand and its inhabitants, this trip together was Top !!

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. operalstyle dit :

    I really have to go there to discover this incredible culture !

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. BabzDotCom dit :

    Awwww ! Very good article ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience !

    Aimé par 1 personne

  4. Mr Mike dit :

    Marianne, your photos are great! I loved reading about your journey through Thailand 🙂

    Aimé par 1 personne

  5. Amazing Marianne ! i would like to go in thailand ! 😉


  6. Elisabeth Ryan dit :

    Bali and Thailand seem to be different with similars landscapes, i would like to go there!


  7. chamuel dit :

    Un voyage excellentissime, je confirme les informations et conseils de Marianne ! C’est sublime. Merci pour ces photographies dépaysantes et magnifiques.
    Une destination à ne pas rater !

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Un beau souvenir ensemble Valou ❤


  8. Mozelman dit :

    It makes me want to try this country after Bali, which I already know


  9. villeroux marion dit :

    It’s amazing, you give me too much want to go !!


  10. Roxane dit :

    It really makes you want to go there


  11. audreyblr dit :

    This country is very beautiful!


  12. Juliette dit :

    Thailand ! What a beautiful country ! I really loved that


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