I visited Turkey two years ago with my best friend. We had booked an organized tour with Marmara. We left from Marseille by plane to Bodrum, and then we drove around the country on a bus to visit the unavoidable places, as far as Istanbul, where we had resumed our return flight to France.

Turkey is a transcontinental country located between Asia and Europe (3% of the territory but 14% of the population). Its capital is Ankara since October 13, 1923, so people generally believe that it and Istanbul.

I loved this holiday because we saw incredible scenery!

Our first day was the visit of the ancient site Ephesus. Located 20 km from the city of Kusadasi, the archaeological site of the city of Ephesus is one of the most important in Turkey. The city was founded by the Greeks, but it was the Romans who made Ephesus one of the most prosperous cities of the empire. It was an absolutely magnificent visit as we could discover the ancient remains of the temples of yesteryear. The city has preserved its splendid architecture dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Its large temple, reconstructed several times is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Among the ruins we were able to enjoy the theater, the gymnasium, the thermal baths, the agora and the library of Celsus.

img_0405 img_0418

We then visited the site of Pamukkale, Cotton Castle in Turkish. It is very interesting from a point of geology because it consists of a succession of basins and petrified cascades over a hundred meters of uneven. Pamukkale is a unique site! It results from the thousand-year run-off of hot springs saturated with calcareous salts. The springs, springing from the heart of the mountain, allow the limestone to evaporate and settle on the flanks of the cliff creating a succession of stepped basins, forming a « cotton castle ».

This masterpiece of nature was for a time threatened by the hotel complexes which used the warm waters of the sources to feed their swimming pools. It is now classified by UNESCO but it is still thermal swimming pools where it is possible to bathe. We had this experience, it was amazing! We even witnessed the sunset and it was an unforgettable moment.

img_0560 img_0688 img_0820

Cappadocia is a region that reserves new landscapes. Rocky cones, called fairy chimneys, have been sculpted by wind and water runoff for thousands of years. This looks very much like a lunar landscape.

The region is made up of valleys of which the best known is the valley of Gorëmme.


We had the chance to experience an unprecedented experience: Attending the sunrise from a hot air balloon. We had to get up early, but this show was amazing!

img_0999 img_1115 img_1159

We also visited Istanbul for a few days: The Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapı Palace. We also took a cruise on the Bosphorus River.


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  1. Fabien dit :

    You forgot to mention that the hot air balloon trip was also kind of creepy but… still magic ❤ one of the best moments in my life with pamukkale, so glad to have spent these moments with you my BFF. ❤


  2. Jen dit :

    Amazing landscapes


  3. M. ROBOT dit :

    Thank you for sharing your exeperience, very nice picture, very nice post, i was in Istanbul in summer 2015


  4. Nicolas dit :

    One day, I hope visit Turkey when the world will be more peaceful !!


  5. Carlos Ramirez dit :

    I love Istanbul, so beautiful city! I loved the visit of St. Sophia and the Blue Mosque !
    Thank’s for sharing !


  6. Cristobal dit :

    Soooo beautiful


  7. Arnaud dit :

    Wonderful country with different facets to see and to see again. From the desert plains to the crowded streets of Istanbul.
    From the beauty of the simplest landscapes to the most elaborate architectural constructions one takes full eyes.
    Bravo for your photos it makes you want to go there again!


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