On a trip to North America with my family, I had the chance to discover Canada. We spent several days crossing the roads to discover the great spaces that were open to us. Canada is the second largest country in the world with 10 million square kilometers, after Russia. In 2016, it has about 36 million inhabitants. The federal capital is Ottawa and the currency is the Canadian dollar.


We first visited the city of Montreal, Canada’s second largest city. It is located on the river island of Montreal, on the St. Lawrence River. Montréal is also the economic heart of Quebec and Canada’s second largest financial center after Toronto; It is a very urbanized city, and it can even be said that there is a second underground city. It is very pleasant to walk in the quiet streets of the city, it feels safe, even when walking alone.

We went on excursions on the St. Lawrence River, exploring whales and wild sea lions. We were lucky enough to see several and very close. It is impressive to see them come out of the water, and we imagine the animal of several tons passing under our boat. And if he knocked us down … We avoid thinking too loud!

montreal-1 montreal-4 montreal-5

We then took the road to a province in Canada, Quebec! The capital is the city of Quebec and the official language is French (with an accent all the same!). Quebec has a population of eight million people, composed mainly of a majority of Francophones. Québec has many nature reserves, such as forest, mining and hydroelectricity: their very high availability is also an important factor in creating wealth. We were able to visit a maple syrup factory and taste it, very famous in this region. We were given a meal, totally decorated with maple syrup: in the starter, the main course and even the dessert. It was very original!

quebec-1 quebec quebec2

Ottawa, the capital of Canada is in its image: Quiet, clean and pleasant. Political and administrative center, it has several interesting monuments. There are many museums and old buildings that give it a very authentic side. Its atmosphere is hushed, worthy of its rank of capital.

otttawa-1 otttawa-2 otttawa-3 otttawa-4 otttawa-5

Further on is Toronto, which is livelier but always very welcoming. One of the most important points of this city is that it has a very important ethnic diversity: There are more than 100 different nationalities and ethnic groups! Toronto reflects the different communities in its neighborhoods. The CN Tower is a 553.33 meter tower located in the downtown area where one can climb. There is a glass floor on which you can walk. One then has the impression of walking in a vacuum.

toronto-1 toronto-2 toronto-3 toronto-4

My favorite place in Canada: Niagara and its falls. It is actually a set of three waterfalls located on the Niagara River, which is on the border of Canada and the United States. Only one is in the country of Canada: Horseshoe Falls. American Falls are on US territory, and the third is called Bridal Veil Falls, of a smaller size.

The Niagara Falls are not very high but are very wide. This is what impresses, as well as its flow: more than 2,800 m3 per second! Niagara Falls are also an immense source of hydroelectric power and their preservation is an ecological challenge.

I had the chance to see them from below, by boat, but also from above, by helicopter. It was a magical moment that I lived with my sister: Unforgettable!

niagara-1 niagara-2 niagara-3 niagara-4

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  1. Fernandez marc dit :

    Magnifique et somptueux reportage photo du Canada 🇨🇦, Des photos toutes plus belles les unes que les autres . Bravo👍😉


  2. Wow ! I’m really impressed


  3. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ! i love it ! you should visit the west!: Alberta and British Colombia is so amazing, and perfect for skiing !


  4. Pauline dit :

    The falls are really impressive!

    Aimé par 1 personne

  5. Pooh Winnie dit :

    Hi! Canada, my native country !
    I’m glad you enjoyed your trip at Niagara Falls !


  6. Liesbet dit :

    Beautiful experiences and photos!


  7. Sam dit :

    HEYYYY ! It’s still SAM!

    Your photos are beautiful, they make me want to travel to Canada!


  8. Joseph dit :

    Hi my name is Joseph, I’m from Montreal! You have a really nice website, I will share it on my facebook so that my friends can visit it.


  9. Simon Vanasse dit :

    A beautiful portrait of the real corner of paradise on earth. One feels a little the spirit of France 🇫🇷 which visits a jewel of what was already the French colonial empire. The photos are always so sublime. That woman has talent !! Bravo 👏 for this beautiful book! We adore and it gives the taste to visit this immense country with these people so welcoming!


  10. David TERME dit :

    The country of our cousins, fauna and flora as magnificent as varied! Beautiful photos of a country so varied! Too happy to discover it thanks to you! MAGNIFICENT


  11. Mozelman dit :

    The whales ❤


  12. villeroux marion dit :

    It’s too beautiful, the photos are super nice, you make me travel 🙂


  13. Cedric Jarod dit :

    Hey ! Pretty good web site ! Hope to see you again ! 🙂


  14. Sandy dit :

    It seems to be a pretty country, again you make me want to travel with you ☺️


  15. beautiful pictures !!!!! it makes me want to follow you !!


  16. Kempf pauline dit :

    Sublime report! The photos are beautiful and the views impressive! Thank you for making us travel … !!!!!


  17. Krebs philippe dit :

    Extraordinary photos that invite to travel !!


  18. Krebs philippe dit :

    Unbelievable pictutes of the wales and also of the niagara falls taken from helicopter. Seems to be a country with huge place to nature. Thanks to u for those relaxing pictures.


  19. audreyblr dit :

    Canada seems to be a amazing country… I would like to go here !


  20. Claire dit :

    Canada, Quebec .. Too many memories that I see through this article, thank you for that Marianne 😘 🙂


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