The Algarve region is located in the south of Portugal. The city of Faro is its administrative capital.


It is one of the most important tourist regions of Europe thanks to its beaches and its historical heritage.

The Algarve is a tourist and agricultural region. The main agricultural products in the region are: figs, almonds, oranges, locust beans and cork oak for the production of cork, which is very popular in Portugal (they do practically all things possible with the cork!).

Muslim domination leaves many traces on the territory, mainly on architecture and heritage: There are absolutely magnificent monuments of all colors, very typical of this region.

Carvoeiro, small very typical and beautiful village. We had a real favorite for this small fishing village, its narrow streets and craft shops. Carvoeiro is very popular for family holidays as there is such a large choice of self-catering accommodation and has all the things you are likely to want in quite a compact area around the town center.

On the beach of Carvoeiro, just to your left beside the showers: You will see a small table with fishermen where you can buy excursions to take a boat and leave to visit the coast and the famous « Benagil cave ». This cave is one of the most famous places of the Algarve: its lunar landscape and the large cavity that overlook it offer an absolutely unique luminosity. Unfortunately, it is accessible only by the sea. You will have to swim (which can be dangerous) or go by boat. But that’s what makes her charm!

carvoeiro-1 carvoeiro-2 carvoeiro-3 carvoeiro-4

A few kilometers away is « Praia da marinha ». Surrounded by a high cliff sculpted by erosion, the beautiful beach of Marinha is considered one of the best hundred in the world, in a recess of preserved nature, almost in the wild. It is one of the most famous beaches in Portugal: it has managed to distinguish itself with the « Golden Beach » award by the Ministry of the Environment in 1998, because of its unique natural values.

sao-vicente-1 sao-vicente-2 sao-vicente-3 sao-vicente-4

We can go down on the beach to walk on the sand, but before we must absolutely admire the landscape that one sees from the top of the cliff.

At the southwesternmost point of Portugal, the Cabo de São Vicente is dedicated to nature lovers: it has been listed as a nature reserve since 1988 thanks to its many species: sea otters, herons, Bonelli eagles, etc.

sagres-1 sagres-2 sagres-3

This part of the coast also has its little history, since in the Middle Ages; this point of Europe was called « end of the world ». One can also visit in Sagres the fortress and its lighthouse as well as the former monastery.

Near the town of Lagos and nestled between cliffs interspersed, is Praia do Camilo, absolutely beautiful beach accessed by a staircase of about 20 steps. The rock formations are impressive and you can find caves dug by the sea. We loved this place and went back 3 times during our stay.

praia-do-camilo-4 praia-do-camilo-1 praia-do-camilo-2 praia-do-camilo-3 praia-do-camilo-5

Lagos is a very dynamic and friendly historical city. This city has become a popular holiday destination for several years: it is full of splendid beaches, a lively nightlife and a historic center with a unique and traditional side.

lagos-1 lagos-2 lagos-3 lagos

Near the town of Portimao is Praia Da Rocha. This seaside resort is very lively but somewhat extravagant. There are nevertheless very beautiful rock formations, as on all the coast of the region.

praia-da-rocha-2 praia-da-rocha-1 praia-da-rocha-3

On our last day we visited the town of Tavira. This small typical town of 26 167 inhabitants is located on the banks of the Gilao River. The historic city center is composed mainly of imposing churches, historical monuments and buildings whose history is very interesting. There are always very bright colors that give it a very surprising side.

tavira-1 tavira-2 tavira-3 tavira-4


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  1. Josh dit :

    It really looks like south Australia… am I right?
    It is really amazing ! Thank you for sharing that

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  2. Miquel dit :

    J’adore ces photos en particulier celle du coucher de soleil!

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Merciiii ma chérie 😀 C’était au lever du soleil, on se réveillait super tôt pour profiter de chaque instant ! 🙂


  3. chamuel dit :

    Bonjour, ton site est vraiment très bien construit. On y trouve toutes les informations utiles pour voyager, pour choisir une excursion ou un itinéraire. Toutes les photos ont leur charme et leur beauté et invitent au voyage !
    Le Portugal aussi est à découvrir ! Tel que tu le montres… il me donne encore envie de faire ce périple.
    Merci pour ce site et tout ce que tu mets de toi pour le faire fonctionner et aimer.

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    1. Merci Valérie, comme toujours tes commentaires me font très plaisir, et en plus je sais qu’ils sont sincères 🙂 Tu adorerais l’Algarve, il faudra que tu y ailles absolument ! 😉


  4. Cristobal dit :

    Ah, I know all that, it’s always beautiful !!


  5. Roxane dit :

    It is really superb !!!


  6. Kevin Allouche dit :

    I remember when you went down with your sister … the photos were really beautiful and thank you for all the comments !!!


  7. Krebs philippe dit :

    According many peoples in europe, algrave beach are one of the most beautifull in europe. I was not aware that muslim influence was existing in this area (very nice). Now i know where i will go for my next vacations. Congratulation for those pictures


  8. Florian dit :

    Beautiful work Marianne! The photos are sublime!


  9. Antoine F dit :

    I had trouble finding my next destination … it’s done: the Algarve!

    Super site Marianne and the articles super well done! 🙂


  10. Lisa D dit :

    Magnificent !! Thank you for this discovery, it gives great desire to go there to go, and in addition it is not very far 😀 I have to try!!!!


  11. Juliette dit :

    I did not think Portugal so beautiful


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