Corsica is an island and a French territorial community located in the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France, as you can see on the map below. This island is divided into two departments (Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse) and has with an area of 8,700 km2. It has about 320,000 inhabitants.

france-corse carte-corse

I visited this island twice and was surprised at each. The landscapes are breathtaking, the landscapes very diverse, the picturesque villages, the blue waters turquoise blue and the people very nice but mostly authentic.

It is not for nothing that it is nicknamed « the island of beauty »!

Its 1000 km of coasts (of which a part is highly protected) and the center of the island offer you beautiful surprises.

Corsica is full of riches but I propose to discover in this article the places I have already discovered by myself.

Porto region, Calanques de Piana: This area is very wild and belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO. The road, between Porto and Piana and Piana direction Capu Rossu, is one of the most beautiful paths of Corsica! During the sunset, the colors of the bay of Porto whose big rock are suitable for beautiful photos. The beaches are made of pebbles and very family.

piana-1 piana-2 piana-3 piana

Porto Vecchio: The most pleasant season is spring or summer, when you can fully enjoy the clear and clear waters of the paradisiacal beaches. The area of Porto-Vecchio is home to the most beautiful beaches on the island. On the other hand, autumn offers an absolutely impressive color palette!

bonifacio-1 bonifacio-2 bonifacio-3

The bay of Santa Giullia is particularly renowned for its beauty and its romantic sunset. It is known all over the world is a true lagoon with turquoise waters and limpid surrounded by a white sand. The beach attracts thousands of visitors because it is ideal for young children because it is on a very gentle slope. Santa Giulia is a must for relaxation and relaxation with family or friends, but also a privileged place for sailing and water sports in an enchanting site.

The beach of Palombaggia: it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe because it reveals a shade of blue, associated with orange rocks.

santa-giulia-1 santa-giulia-2 santa-giulia-3

I will be able to give you all the practical information you will need to organize your holidays in Corsica. Stay connected and do not miss any tips that will help you during your stay!


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  1. Vitaly Orlov dit :

    Красивые картинки, у меня есть семья в Корсике, я люблю красоту острова!
    Я пошел часто в детстве и есть красивые места для посещения!
    Спасибо за все советы !

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Casu dit :

    A very beautiful article for a beautiful island, bravo! photos are breathtaking

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. Miquel dit :

    Magnifique article et photos de ma très chère île!


  4. chamuel dit :

    Coucou ! Merci Marianne pour tes conseils judicieux et précieux ! La globe trotter dans toute sa splendeur. De jolies photos viennent ponctuer et illustrer l article sur l’île de beauté qui porte si bien son nom.


  5. chamuel dit :

    Coucou ! Une île qui porte magnifiquement son nom et si près de nous à la fois ! De jolies photos viennent illustrer ton propos et tes conseils. Tu es au top et je fais confiance à ton analyse !


  6. ANNE dit :

    La Corse quelle ile magnifique, l ile de beauté qui porte très bien son nom. Je prépare un voyage et tes conseils me sont précieux, tes photos donnent aussi envie d’y aller. Très bel article. Tu nous fais rever avec tes articles et tes magnifiques photos. Bravo!!!


  7. Lucas dit :

    A little piece of paradise in France ! Beautifuls pictures !


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