I have been to Dubai twice. The first time with a friend called Amelie, to visit together this city that we did not know. It was the month of February, it was very pleasant to have a climate as warm whereas in France, it was winter. I recently returned to Dubai to see my friend who now lives there, while it was summer in France. The heat there was really high and the temperatures awesome! It can do up to 45 degrees, in the shade. You really have to be very careful with time and especially to hydrate well.

The city of Dubai has more than one million inhabitants and is the country’s first port. Dubai has become the most famous city of the federation, while it is not the capital, due to the media coverage of its tourist projects as Dubai’s most luxurious hotel, Burj-Al-Arab. His real estate projects are astounding as for example The World, artificial archipelago that reproduces the map of the world, or Palm Island, an artificial palm-shaped peninsula, nicknamed « The Palm ». There are many hotels, such as the world-renowned Atlantis Hotel. Atlantis The Palm is home to one of the most visited water parks in the world and one can meet dolphins. It really is a magical place.

img_3671 img_3848 img_7517 img_8163

It is also in Dubai that is the tallest building in the world at present: the Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest human structure ever built, with 829 meters of height of which 163 floors. Inaugurated in 2010, it cost $ 1.5 billion. It is possible to climb enjoy the impressive view on the 135th floor.

img_7400 img_7695

img_7698 img_7711 img_7712

There is a beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa from the pool at the Shangri-La. It is possible to access this pool without being a customer, as we did.


The Burj Al Arab (or « sailing ») is a self-proclaimed « seven star » hotel, one of the most recognizable in the world due to its shape. At the top there is a heliport (sometimes also used as a tennis court) as well as a panoramic restaurant and a swimming pool with an incredible view. It is considered to be one of the most expensive hotels in the mode: The official rate for the less expensive suites varies between 7,600 and 17,600 dirhams per night. It is absolutely impossible to approach it for visitors.


Dubai Marina is an area located in the heart of what is called New Dubai. It is indeed an area of the city in full expansion. The marina is articulated around a canal of about 100 meters wide will be composed of about 200 buildings and skyscrapers with the particular and disproportionate architecture.

img_3813 img_8571 img_8579

To see a more authentic side of Dubai, I suggest a trip to the Dubai Desert. It is possible to do 4×4 in the dunes, take a dromedary ride at sunset and enjoy a typical meal on the local music. This excursion makes it possible to reconnect with a more traditional side that one can forget being in downtown Dubai.

img_7992 img_7994

Dubai aims to become in a few years the world’s premier destination for luxury tourism and become one of the world’s hubs of family, business and commercial tourism.

Ckick here to discover Abu Dhabi 🙂


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  1. Nicolas dit :

    Great ! Indeed Burj Khalifa is the highest tower in the world for the moment. Jeddah Tower is building with 1000 meters high !!

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    1. Thanks for the info Nicolas, I didnt know;)


  2. Casu dit :

    Another article and photos that make you want to travel. A real pleasure to read you.

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  3. Pauline dit :

    Une ville de folie que j’ai adoré aussi ! VS ❤ hihi

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  4. Carlos Ramirez dit :

    Dubai ! I was there last summer! My family and I skied in this fabulous shopping mall! It was sooooo AMAZING !

    Pretty good web site


  5. Maxiiiime dit :

    Good job. Really a nice article that makes you want to visit Dubai. Bravo!!!


  6. Cristobal dit :

    Wahouuuuuu super beautiful it makes you dream


  7. David TERME dit :

    Just wonderful ! You make us dream with all these photos! You make us share the history, the modernity and the desert plains of a country so attractive! I dream about it


  8. Mozelman dit :

    The sand dunes are OUF !!!! !!!!!!!


  9. Roxane dit :



  10. Pauline dit :

    Superb album with always very well made photos


  11. Kevin Allouche dit :

    I wish we would go back to Dubai one day, you must have lots of things to show us, it looks great!


  12. audreyblr dit :

    Great and amazing city !


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