Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a mythical coastal road southwest of Melbourne. It is a tourist route that connects Torquay to Warrnambool by the coast over 243km, which can be borrowed easily and very famous car. It would be the most beautiful scenic route in Australia!

It attracts more than 8 million tourists each year and generates an annual revenue of $ 1.5 billion.


I went three times, each time with a different time. In any case, these are sumptuous landscapes that unfold before our eyes.

The best way to discover Great Ocean Road is to rent a car and go yourself at your own pace, depending on your desires at the moment to enjoy every moment. The ideal is to leave for 3 or 4 days, but it is also doable in a day if you just want to see the main places. The telephone network is not perfect on the entire road, think to plan a map to direct you in the moments when you will not catch!

With its film sets, its magnificent road along the cliffs and its many animals, it is truly an extraordinary adventure that you should absolutely discover.

Here’s what you must see on the Great Ocean Road:

The Great Ocean Road begins in Torquay, home of Bells Beach, an iconic beach for surfing enthusiasts. One of the oldest surfing competitions, the « Rip Curl Pro », has been held every year for almost 50 years at this point in Australia. We feel that the surfing culture is very present, whatever the weather.

gor-2-4  bells-beach-2 bells-beach-3 bells-beach-4

Along the road, and in particular towards Cape Otway, there are giant eucalyptus forests, ferns several meters high, steep cliffs and also adorable animals such as magnificent birds, koalas and kangaroos.

capte-otway-1 capte-otway-2 capte-otway-3 capte-otway-6 capte-otway-4

capte-otway-5 capte-otway-7 capte-otway-8 capte-otway-9

Now the most visited part of the Great Ocean Road, which is also one of the most popular tourist sites in the state of Victoria and the most photographed in Australia.

First, « The Twelve Apostles », renamed so since 1922 (formerly called « The Sow and the Pligets ») so that the name sounds more touristy. Some rock formations peak more than 45 meters above sea level.

There are no longer the twelve rock formations of the beginning but only nine, the others having collapsed since the discovery of the site. It is possible to admire this breathtaking panorama from an observation platform accessible free to tourists. There is an even more dizzying option: By helicopter! I did it once, and it was absolutely beautiful. The view from above was amazing!

I advise you to go there several times if you have the opportunity because the landscape changes according to the brightness, the time and the weather.

12-apostles-1 12-apostles-2 12-apostles-3

12-apostles-4 12-apostles-5 12-apostles-6

Soon after is Loch Ard Gorge, another site with superb rock formations. There are several walks that allow you to walk along the coast and enjoy natural wonders as closely as possible. The name of this site is due to the ship Loch Ard which ran aground in this place in 1878, on his last trip from England.


loch-ard-gorge-2 loch-ard-gorge-3 loch-ard-gorge-4


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  1. Rhonda Albom dit :

    I also loved the Great Ocean Road. Your panorama shot of the Razorback is wonderful. You really captured the magnitude of it.


  2. Jen dit :

    I loved visiting this incredible road and its scenery!


  3. Chen Zang dit :

    Hello ! My name is Chen and I am from China! I fell by chance on your website, and I find it really excellent, thank you for sharing all these valuable advice!


  4. Mike Cohen dit :

    So good web site ! 🙂
    I love Australia !


  5. Jon Underwood dit :

    I love this coast! My grandmother took us there when we were kids my little sister and I =D


  6. ANNE dit :

    Magnifique La Great Ocean Road j y suis allée. Marianne a su la décrire à merveille et a su donner aux personnes l’envie d y aller.
    Bravo Marianne pour tes photos et ton très beau reportage


  7. Kevin Allouche dit :

    What a good time together ….. and that of memories !!!!


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