There is not necessarily need to present Ibiza. Everyone knows his reputation. Young people, parties, alcohol, drugs, parties that end in the morning on the beach …

I went to Ibiza with my best friend and I will present two facets of this small island: the festive facet that everyone knows and the facet more wild and natural less known but still very pleasant.

Above all, Ibiza is one of the islands of the Balearic islands. It is rather close to the Algerian coast and has an area of 572 km2.

Ibiza is characterized by a mild Mediterranean climate, dry and very sunny, which makes this island a very good destination in spring and autumn.

Ibiza is above all known for its festive side flawless. Indeed, from May to the opening of the nightclubs until October to their closing, everything is open 7 days / 7 and it is possible to celebrate 24/24.

We wanted to experience this atmosphere so we went to the Carl Cox party at the Space. I did not like this place too much because the music was too strong for me, I did not like the rhythm and I really could not dance. On the other hand, I loved the evening organized by « Matinée Group » in Amnesia (capacity of 7000 people), where the atmosphere was more funny and there was an impressive show. Hundreds of dancers and artists were performing on stage. I was robbed of my cell phone during this evening, so I advise you to be careful in these places!

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We were also going to an evening at a nightclub « Privilege », one of the largest in the world (10,000 people) but that night the evening was canceled. We also took part in the mythical evening of David Guetta « F *** Me I’m famous » at the Pacha. I’ve never been so tight in my life … It was awesome !! The price of appetizers and drinks is very expensive. You have to budget on purpose! It is also possible to have fun in the afternoon on the beach, for example in Bora Bora) in Playa d’en Bossa.

1235901_10151855903434494_2123013507_n img_0481 img_0495 img_0574

But Ibiza is not just that. It is also beautiful beaches, small fishing villages, wild creeks and caves accessible only by the sea.

The shores are very contrasted with steep coasts and lagoon zones with deep blues. Our favorite beaches were Cala Salada (with a beautiful turquoise water), Cala Jondal (pebble beach) and Cala Conta.

img_0349 img_0411 img_0416 img_0448 img_0646 img_0757


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  1. Fabien dit :

    Omg I can’t stop laughing reading this one babe. 😂 Lots of fun together right there… I want to go baaaack ! 😶


  2. Haha i remember when you was there with fabien ! A lot of events, ups and downs ! Lol


  3. Cristobal dit :

    I had liked to go there! 😊


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