The island of Majorca is a destination full of charm. It is natural, full of wild places and authentic. It belongs to the Balearic islands and its capital is Palma, a popular tourist destination. It is possible to spend a day discovering the city of Palma because it is full of small typical streets and local markets. Do not miss the Great Cathedral.

The economy of Mallorca is mainly oriented towards tourism, because for several years, it is an island that is very touristy. The airlines provide frequent connections with Spain and France, facilitating access to this magnificent island.


I went with a friend and we decided to rent a car to visit at our own pace the places we liked the most. We had pre-selected somewhat natural and wild places and I will introduce you to what we preferred.

To the south of the island is the Cala Pi beach, a small beach hidden between two cliffs. You have to go down a lot of steps to reach it, but take full advantage of the view in front height because it is impregnable. The beach surrounded by pine trees is relatively small, one better to go in the morning to be quiet.

img_7931 img_7951

A little further on is Es Trenc, probably the most famous beach in Mallorca. Its rock formations are unique and its white sand gives an impression of total change of scenery.


At the northern tip of the island of Mallorca stands Cap Formentor. Between mountain and sea unveils an impressive panoramic place to take your breath away. It is possible to go from Port Pollença through a winding road and several possible stops.

img_8393 img_8574 img_8557

The beach of Sa Calobra is located in a completely secluded location on the north-west coast of Majorca.

Officially. It is relatively small and in a beautiful setting, you can imagine that there are a lot of people. The fact that it is between two very steep cliffs makes it enjoys little sunshine during the day. We especially enjoyed the walk along the cliffs to the beach of Torrent de Pareis to enjoy the scenery.

img_8378 img_7869

To the west, the beaches of Cala Fornells (calanque with views of Pequera, surrounded by abundant vegetation) and Cala Varques (magnificent but very difficult to find without the help of locals).

img_8729 img_8825

The interior of the island is very picturesque with its vast plains planted with almond trees, carob trees, olive trees and vineyards, as well as animals and goats. The coasts are very beautiful because the cliffs overlook the beaches all more beautiful than the others: turquoise blue, fine sand … Paradise!

img_8681 img_8683

I remember from Mallorca that it was a very quiet, relaxing and absolutely beautiful place!

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  1. villeroux dit :

    un endroit magique ❤


  2. Krebs philippe dit :

    Very nice place seems to propose unexplored places. Also seems to give huge place to nature (funny pictures with horses).
    I will be able to confirm next week since i will go in majorque for 1 week.


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