Melbourne, located south-east of the Australian continent, is Australia’s second largest urban agglomeration after Sydney. It is the capital of the State of Victoria and has about 4,450,000 habitants in 2014.


Melbourne is an important commercial, industrial and cultural center. Indeed, we find there a lot of different cultures (Colombian, European, Asian…), which gives a very cosmopolitan city.

The city is often referred to as the « sports and cultural capital » of Australia, as it is home to many of the most important cultural and sporting events and institutions in the country, such as the Tennis Open of Australia. The favorite sports of the city are Australian football and cricket.

I lived in Melbourne for 6 months with my sister. We rented an apartment in the Docklands neighborhood, in collocation with 3 Colombians. The atmosphere was really festive!


Melbourne is known for its blend of Victorian architecture and contemporary architecture, its extensive tram network (the best in the world!) and its beautiful Victorian parks and gardens where you can walk and eat under the sun. This city blends perfectly modernity and authenticity, with its 92 skyscrapers (including the highest in Australia, the Eureka Tower) and its historical heritage.


There are impressive bridges, art is present on every street, musician and singers participate in the natural ambience of the city center, where there is always a music tune when you walk in the street.




We saw enormous support for France during the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris. There were a lot of newspaper articles that talked about it, shows about that and even a large gathering at Federation Square, in tribute to these attacks: A speech was delivered, as well as testimonies, songs and deposits of letters or objects in the center of the place, near a flame. It was impressive to see this craze for our country, while being on the other side of the world.

france-1 france-2

At Christmas time, the Flinders Street station was completely decorated and a gigantic Lego tree was erected on Federation Square. All the shops redesign their decoration, as the largest H&M in the world.

noel-1 noel-2

noel-4 noel-5 noel-6

Melbourne has an oceanic climate and is famous for the variability of its weather conditions. It is called « four seasons in one day » because there can be rain in the morning, and a great afternoon sun without any cloud! This expression is part of local popular culture. During the great heat, you have to refresh yourself at the sea in St Kilda or at the pool of a Rooftop of a hotel!

chaleur-1 chaleur-2


Outside the town and along the bay is the small town of St Kilda. It’s « The place to be » to chill, enjoy the beach with friends and have a barbecue at sunset. One can also observe small penguins when the night falls. Click here to discover St Kilda!

Right next door, there are some very typical Brighton houses, the « bathing boxes » where the fishermen stored their gear.



Melbourne is considered the most enjoyable city in the world according to The Economist, based on its cultural attributes, climate, cost of living, social conditions such as crime rates and health. Indeed, I would see myself living perfectly in this city, working and evolving.

You can find more information on the official website of the town of Melbourne :

Do not hesitate to contact me for personalized advice according to your tastes and desires. Having lived in Melbourne for 6 months, I will be quite able to help you!

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  1. Jen dit :

    The most beautiful city of the world!!!


  2. BabzDotCom dit :

    Hello ! Very interesting articles! It makes me want to go to Melbourne !


  3. Mike Cohen dit :

    Hello ! I am on your web site thanks to my girlfriend .
    You have really great! Great topic, great advice, great picture !


  4. Jon Underwood dit :

    Melbourne so good city! With its gardens and monuments of contemporary art!


  5. Kevin Allouche dit :

    I loved being for 3 weeks with you in Melbourne … I felt too good in this city, safe and plus it was so beautiful! My first long trip and I keep some extraordinary memories


  6. Juliette dit :

    Melbourne, a wonderful city!


  7. Claire dit :

    Your article is very interesting, the architecture looks fun, I will have to visit !! Lol


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