Miami is one of the largest metropolises in the United States of America. To the south-east of the state of Florida, Miami is a seaside resort bordered by the Atlantic Ocean with a port in Biscayne Bay. Its tourist port is the first port of cruise ships, with a third of the world fleet. The city is an international financial and cultural center. The population of the city of Miami is 430,332 inhabitants2, Miami is nicknamed « Passage of the Americas » or « Gate of the Americas ». Its climate is of tropical type, with hot summers and very wet and mild and dry winters.

We went in February, gift for the 20th anniversary of my sister. Straight out of the winter in France, we were obviously delighted to go sunbathing under the sun of Miami! Unfortunately, being unaccustomed and having a very white skin, we literally burned. We had no sunscreen and I had a huge sunburn on my head. I therefore strongly recommend that you provide the necessary equipment.

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Miami is famous for its shimmering beaches and its superficial paradise image. This stronghold of Hispanic culture appears in several television series, movies and video games with a still very positive and festive image.

We first visited the city of all the excesses as well as its beautiful beaches with turquoise water. We visited the town by foot and then rented a car to visit the Everglades and Keys that we will see right after in this article.

img_1305 img_4887 img_4896 img_4941

img_4954 img_5018

We also have a nightclub at the Liv Club, part of a hotel complex. It was impressive compared to the discotheques in France.


Everglades National Park is a national park classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It protects some endangered species like the Florida panther. It is the only subtropical region in the United States that is still protected. It is possible to walk and camp there, but swimming is not advisable given the fauna in the water: alligators, crocodiles, sharks, barracudas … You will be able to see there thousands of animals and Plants, mangroves, and hundreds of islands.

A little farther away are the Keys: it is a seem of 800 islands, all connected by the road « Overseas Highway ». We visited in particular Key Largo and Islamadora.

img_5096 img_5262


In short, Miami is good … For a few days. I did not really hang with his superficial image, mainly based on the appearance. When I travel, I like to discover the culture and history of the city. I may not have understood it, but his « bling-bling » side proved to me that a week was quite sufficient.

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  1. Miquel dit :

    My favorite city! Thanks for these amazing pictures!


  2. Maxiiiime dit :

    Nice pics !!!!! I like


  3. Sylvie Chol dit :

    So many memories
    Beautiful pictures


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