New Caledonia

We visited had the chance to experience New Caledonia during our several month trip to Australia, with my little sister. After spending several weeks in New Zealand, we chose to visit New Caledonia. Indeed, it is only a few hours by plane from Australia, while from France, the trip would have been much longer.


It’s probably one of the best trips I’ve ever had. We were able to discover wild places, paradisiacal beaches, impressive sea beds and unique animals. These are moments I will remember all my life.

We landed at Noumea La Tontouta Airport, from Auckland. We booked a car with Europcar and so we quickly headed for Bourail to discover the magnificent beaches including that of the pierced rock. It is also possible to dare a beautiful sunset from this place.

bourail-1 bourail-2

We then rode inland and crossed the island in its width, which allowed us to take altitude and to discover very different landscapes, before reaching the city of Poindimié on the other side. We stopped to the sandstone of our desires, taking advantage of the magnificent panoramas but also of the sun while lounging on the beach. These are very quiet places where you can rest in peace.

poindimie-1 poindimie-2

The Blue River Park is a natural park whose land is very red, spread over more than 9000 ha and is divided into 2 sectors: the White River (to be drove by car) and the Blue River (accessible only to Walking or cycling).


We then joined the town of Noumea, before taking a boat towards Ilot Maitre, a few kilometers from the coast. We booked a night at the Hotel L’Escapade Îlot Maître, built on the turquoise lagoon. Our small house on stilts allowed us to have a breathtaking view of the ocean from the terrace or even from the bedroom. A small staircase allowed us to go down to swim with the turtles as soon as we saw one. It was just … the dream! We enjoyed until the last minute of sunshine and we got up before it even appeared, not wishing to miss anything of this moment of pure happiness. I think I will remember all my life from this experience and that moment with my sister.

ilot-maitre-1 ilot-maitre-3 ilot-maitre-4 ilot-maitre-5


We then took another plane to the Magenta airport to get to Pine Island. Our experience on this island was also unforgettable. We took a small boat to explore the bay of Oro, absolutely amazing.


Then the Nokanhui Atoll, a place absolutely impressive by its colors. There were rays and dolphins swimming around and we really felt like we were alone in the world.

ile-des-pins-2 ile-des-pins-3

We had the chance to swim with big head tortures, it was also a magical moment. The fact that they swim by our side and that we can touch them was just incredible!

ile-des-pins-6 ile-des-pins-7

We also dived into the deep waters to meet the dolphins and sharks.

ile-des-pins-4 ile-des-pins-8

This trip was simply fantastic and indescribable!


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  1. Josh dit :

    I did not know New Caledonia before to read this article but it seems to be just incredible !!!


  2. Jen dit :

    The Australians do not know at all this island but what a mistake … when we see the photos, it really makes you want to go!


  3. I hope to know this island as soon as possible ! This article makes me want to go now !


  4. Marine FERNANDEZ dit :

    All my dreams came true… Only you know what I mean !


  5. Elisabeth Ryan dit :

    Hi, it’s a really good surprise to discover your trips, so amazing !


  6. Pauline dit :

    Sublime landscapes …

    Aimé par 1 personne

  7. Maki Oni dit :

    Hi ! You have a pretty good web site !
    I’m from Tokyo and i hope one day i will go to New Caledonia !!! =D

    Aimé par 1 personne

  8. David TERME dit :

    Un pays qui si féérique partager de si prêt la vie de la faune et de la flore , un plaisir au quotidien sans stress et avec des couleurs si variées et magiques dans divers paysages . BRAVO


  9. Mathilde dit :

    Tu donnes vraiment trop envie de faire ses valises et partir avec ton site ….
    tres beau travail !!!


  10. chamuel dit :

    Un bel article et de belles photos qui invitent à la découverte de ce paradis. Merci pour toutes les idées que tu peux nous donner et l envie de voyager que tu transmets à travers ton site.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  11. villeroux marion dit :

    Always many beautiful photos, it makes you dream.


  12. Kevin Allouche dit :

    What a paradise!


  13. Lisa D dit :

    What a dream ! A real paradise on earth … The pictures are too beautiful, it would be believed……. almost :p


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