New York, New York … What to say about this magical city! I was lucky enough to go there and discover new and incredible things every time. I know I could still go back and discover new things again. It is the city where everything is possible, everything is possible. It is the city where to realize your wildest dreams and try to make them come true. Nicknamed the Big Apple, New York City is the largest city in the United States in terms of inhabitants and one of the largest in the Americas. The city of New York is made up of five boroughs called boroughs: Manhattan (where most things can be found), Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.

map_manhattan mta-subway-map-new-york-city-2015-600x748

New York has a significant impact on global trade, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education and entertainment. New York can therefore be considered the center of the world. It is here that everything happens.

New York welcomes more than 50 million visitors each year to discover the magic of this incredible city. I will show you a few things to see absolutely if you are passing through New York.

The architecture is impressive. The city is full of very high building, just raise your eyes to the sky to be dazzled.

img_0915 img_0925 img_0929

img_0931 img_1050

Times square, « the Crossroads of the World » is one of the most popular intersections in the world. This place takes its name from the former location of the New York Times headquarters. It is one of the most famous and lively places in the world: you can go shopping 24 hours a day. New York is the city that never sleeps. The yellow taxis are part of the decor of the city and give it a very atypical side that one finds in many films that try to transcribe the magic of New York.

img_7730 img_8196

The lung of the city, Central Park is a green space in the heart of Manhattan with an area of 341 hectares. Central Park is an oasis of greenery in the middle of Manhattan’s skyscraper forest. There are several artificial lakes, several zoos, pedestrian and bicycle paths, two ice skating tracks, a wildlife protection area and lawns for various sports such as baseball.

img_7937 img_8070

5th Avenue is an important artery in the center of the borough of Manhattan. It is bordered by many historical monuments but also by luxury stores, the most famous in the world. There are many skyscrapers impressive in size and design. Also nearby is 5th Avenue, the Flatiron Building, very original. Its characteristic shape is due to the crossing at this location on 5th Avenue with Broadway.

img_7707 img_8112 img_8064


There is another very important thing to do in New York: Climb up the Empire State Building to admire the amazing views, especially at sunset. The Empire State Building is the third largest building in New York City since 2015: it measures 443.2 meters and has 102 floors.

img_1252 img_8128

There is also another rooftop on which to go: Rockefeller center. It is a commercial complex built by the Rockefeller family consisting of 19 buildings. At the level of the « Top of the Rock », one can also have a magnificent view of the city and especially on the Empire State Building that we did not see previously. It is possible to go up at night, just book in advance.

img_8425 img_8478 img_8482 img_8487

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is fantastic. It is possible to cross it on foot, by bike, by car … As you wish! I would rather go to the Brooklyn area by subway and walk back to enjoy the view and see Manhattan gradually discovered before our eyes. It is one of the most prestigious and most visited monuments of New York. This 2-kilometer bridge connects the Booklyn area to the island of Manhattan.


New York was hit on September 11, 2001 by the worst attack ever to hit the US: Two airliners hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorists hitting the twin towers of the World Trade Center and destroying them. The neighborhood is fifteen years later still under reconstruction.

A new tower was rebuilt: The One Trade Center, and in place of the two towers there are two fountains absolutely incredible. All the names of the victims were engraved all around, this place is very silent and full of emotions.

img_8306 img_8309 img_8360


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  1. Pauline dit :

    Even more want to go !!! Wow!


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    I was there last summer and I loved it ❤ magical city !

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  3. Sam dit :

    Hello ! My name is Sam ! I arrived on your website thanks to that of my best friend, I loved the content of your website.
    By reading you we feel like reading a New Yorker, thank you for your advice! See you soon.


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    As usual, a great work of pro


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    My dream!


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    Wow !! I love New York ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    And your article really makes me want to go back, again you photos are superb!


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    MY DREAM !

    Lucky girl !


  8. Juliette dit :

    New york what a beautiful city !!!! It is a real dream!


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