How to talk about Australia not to mention Sydney…! I lived in Melbourne for several months but the city of Sydney is a must for anyone who wants to experience Australia.

carte-australia-sydney sydney

The capital of New South Wales has many things to offer and has many iconic landmarks like Opera, Harbor Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, Surf Beaches, Bondi Beach and Manly Beach.

Sydney is the most well-known and popular destination in Australia. It is built around a bay that gives it many assets and ranks it among the 10 cities with the best quality of life in the world! It is the most populous city in Australia with 4,840,600 inhabitants in 2014. Sydney has gradually become the economic heartland of Australia and the main financial center of Oceania. Millions of tourists come every year to visit the monuments of the city. Like Melbourne, it is a very cosmopolitan city: 250 different languages are spoken there and a third of the inhabitants speak a language other than English at home.

The heart of the city is called CBD (Central Business District). It is the business district and the economic center. It is also a great place to shop, at the Victoria Building for example.


We started our stay at the Opera House in Sydney, a landmark of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on Circular Quay, exceptional location on the waterfront, the promenade is very pleasant on a sunny day as there is a lot of music and artists, there is a very good atmosphere and we were also able to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens just off the Opera.

With a varied and comprehensive program, Sydney Opera House has since its opening in 1973 one of the most active venues in the city in terms of music, arts and entertainment.

 img_0189 sydney-3 sydney-4

Right next to the Opera is the Harbor Bridge, nicknamed « the coathanger », one of the great symbols of Australia. It connects the north shore with the center of the city. It can be crossed by car mainly, but also by train, by bicycle and even on foot. The climb up to its summit (with the BridgeClimb Company) is highly recommended because it reserves superb views over the bay, but I have not had the opportunity to do so.

pont-1 pont-2

But Sydney is also a city renowned for its exceptional beaches like Bondi, located to the east of the city and seven kilometers from the city center and easily accessible by public transport. It is especially renowned for its fine sand and its rolls, the possibility of surfing and its swimming pool. Indeed, hundreds of surfers are present every day, whatever the weather and despite the threat of sharks in the ocean.

bondi-1 bondi-3 bondi-2 img_0307

There are also many beaches near Bondi, as beautiful as each other, such as Tamarama and Bronte. A path that runs along the coastline gives access to these less touristy beaches: « Bondi to Coogee Walk », which connects all the beaches between them. It offers beautiful views of the ocean and offers a number of unusual cafes and bathing areas.

bronte-1 bronte-2 bronte-3

Here is a website that presents the most beautiful places to swim, it will be very useful : Swimh!


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  1. Josh dit :

    Ohhhhh here is my city! Thank you for this article, I know that I live in a wonderful place but your pictures are incredible! You have to come back soooon! 😀


  2. Marine FERNANDEZ dit :

    It was so hot at this time!!
    The real summer and sunburn haha ; i would like to go back there again !!

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. I hope to know this city as soon as possible, it looks like paradise !! I love it


  4. Tjorbjorn dit :

    Australia, what a beautiful country we were there two years ago with my little family, we loved vising the south east coast !

    Love your Website, Cya !



  5. Chen Zang dit :

    Sydney ! So nice city !


  6. Mike Cohen dit :

    Sydney my borntown ! Thank’s for sharing your experience in our country! You are welcome again and again!


  7. Damien Alonis dit :

    Sydney ! What a beautiful city !!!


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