Tasmania, nicknamed « Tassie », is an island south of Australia that stretches 364 km from north to south and 306 km from west to east.

q15-tasmanie Tasmania was named « Island of Inspiration » in reference to its rich and preserved natural environment: More than a third of its territory is classified as nature reserves, national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Do not go to Tasmania to walk around the towns and shop. The nature and wildness of the landscapes are much more interesting. Geographically, Tasmania resembles eastern New Zealand. This is a very popular choice among retirees who prefer a rather temperate climate.

Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania and its capital. It is possible to climb to the top of Mount Wellington to admire the view of the city and the bay. There were 511,718 inhabitants in 2011, half of them living in Hobart.


We rented a car to cruise the island and see the maximum of things in a few days. Below is the route we have taken, with red roads that we have taken by car and the young rounds correspond to the places where we slept.


It was a very nice discovery; we were very surprised by the diversity of the landscapes and the very natural and atypical. On the first day, we visited the Tasman Peninsula and the town of Port Arthur. The coastal scenery is stunning and the beaches are made of fine white sand.

peninsule-1 peninsule-2

We then took the road to the Freycinet Peninsula and more particularly to Wineglass Bay, considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. It is shaped like a crescent, an almost perfect arch of sparkling white, and a hike gives an unobstructed view of this panorama. It is the ideal place to practice fishing, sailing, nature hiking, kayaking at sea and climbing.


We also discovered St Columba Falls, in the northeast of the island, which is a short but steep walk, but also Liffey Falls, in central Tasmania. What a very humid landscape with tropical climate and very exotic!

img_0049 img_9775

But Tasmania is not called the paradise of hikers for nothing!

The island, which is one of the smallest states on the continent, enjoys a unique landscape: Craddle Mountain National Park is the real proof. Several mountains are present in this park, including Mount Rufus, the most accessible but reachable after 8km of walk! Without going up, the hikes are very pleasant because the panorama takes place before our eyes with each additional step. It is in this park that takes place the Overland Track, 65km track between Ronny Creek and Lake Saint Clair.


We also crossed a lot of animals, especially wallabies in Tasmania, most of them not even scared of humans and letting themselves be easily caressed. We spent a very typical night in a cabin in the middle of a field with cows, at the top of a mountain, in the town of Mole Creek. This experience was unforgettable!

img_9802 img_9932 img_9933

I highly recommend this little island still unrecognized by most tourists but offers great views and activities!


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  1. Josh dit :

    I really should take a flight and visit Tassie!


  2. Jen dit :

    This is definitely a place I’d like to visit, the scenery looks gorgeous and it’s close to Melbourne!


  3. Marine FERNANDEZ dit :

    Tassie is awesome ; severals differents landscapes, very quiet !


  4. ANNE dit :

    La Tasmanie quel bel Etat de l Australie. Marianne tu le décris très bien. Vraiment félicitations pour ton article, c est bien rédigé et tu l as illustré de très belles photos. Bravo


  5. Olivier dit :

    Tassie! What a wonderful place!


  6. Tasmania looks so beautiful, I wish I had visited!


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