I live in Toulouse since just 4 month. My mother lives there since 4 years, so I have already come several times.

Called « Pink City » (due to the color of local traditional building material, terracotta brick), is a commune in south-west and south of France, fourth most populous commune of France, after Paris, Marseille and Lyon, with 1,291,517 inhabitants in 2013.


Toulouse is the European capital of the aeronautical and space industry with the sites of Airbus and its parent company Airbus Group (revolutionary aircraft were designed in Toulouse like the Concorde or the Airbus A380) and has more than 100,000 students. The emblematic sport of Toulouse is rugby union, its club “Stade Toulousain” which holds the richest record on the national as well as on the continental level.

The center of Toulouse is the Place du Capitole, in the city center. Built in 1190, the Capitol today houses the Town Hall and the Capitol Theater and is the emblem of the city.

You can even visit the interior with several absolutely magnificent rooms: The Hall Gervais, Conseil Municipal, Henri Martin and the most impressive, the Salle des Illustres. There is also a magnificent keep behind the building, where there are projections for children during the Christmas period. If you walk in this area on a December night, do not hesitate to stop for a few minutes to admire them!

ville-1 ville-5 ville-3 ville-4

Toulouse preserves many prestigious or old buildings. In some streets you can find almost every door a private mansion, a picturesque courtyard, a fountain … Each little alley has its charm and you can find many typical cafes and restaurants.

The Saint-Sernin basilica is also magnificent to visit: it is the largest Romanesque building in Europe.

ville-7 ville-2 ville-6

You can find on the blog of my friend Margaux her favorite places in Toulouse to have a drink, to dinner or to hang out. Click here to visit!

I live in a small village in the south of Toulouse, near the town of Muret. Despite the advantages and the pleasant character of the city of Toulouse, I find that living outside the city is very pleasant, because one can enjoy the beautiful landscapes that the region offers. Indeed, many lakes form the landscape and make it very interesting to walk with family on the weekend for example. It is beautiful, calm and relaxing to wander at all seasons of the year: there are also ducks and swans.

lavernose-1 lavernose-4 lavernose-2

lavernose-6 lavernose-7 lavernose-5

I live near the region of Ariège, which is also very pretty because it abounds in small villages very typical and artistic (with many local artists, contemporary art, wall decorations …) as by example the village of Carla-Bayle of which I show you some pictures below:

ariege-1 ariege-2 ariege-3

Only 1h30 from Toulouse are the Pyrenees, an absolutely magnificent mountain range with the largest peak, the Peak of Aneto which culminates at 3,404m of altitude. The Pyrenees are divided between France, Spain and Andorra. There are many lovely ski resorts and lots of opportunities to have fun.

pyrenees-1 pyrenees-2 pyrenees-3

I invite you to visit the website of my friend Catherine who is a specialist of this region and can help you to perfectly build your projects.


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  1. ANNE dit :

    Je viens de découvrir ce très beau résumé sur Toulouse. Très bien rédigé, Marianne donne envie de recouvrir cette belle région à 1 heure des Pyrénées. Félicitations

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Carlos Ramirez dit :

    Hello !
    I am from BRAZIL (Sao Paulo), I am an old student from the university of sciences « Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3 », your website reminds me of lot of memories …
    Thank you so much for sharing all this awesome pictures.



  3. Mathilde dit :

    Magnifique ville ❤
    Je suis heureuse que tu sois venue vivre ici 😻


  4. Kevin Allouche dit :

    After a day of skiing together in the Pyrenees ……. I can really say that I love this region !!!! It’s too good


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