The Grampians are a mountain range 235 km west of Melbourne. This site is protected within a national park over 1,700 km2. The fauna and flora are very vast and diversified: kangaroos, emus, koalas, opossums, echidna, birds, and red gum trees, stringybarks, boronias. It is a place renowned for its climbing opportunities and highly appreciated by campers and walkers.

More than a million visitors come to discover the natural beauty of the Grampians every year.

The most famous and famous places are the MacKenzie Falls and the Balconies cliffs.

Unfortunately, a gigantic forest fire destroyed nearly 50% of the park in January 2006. Remnants of this event can still be seen.


Several hiking trails can be used to admire forests, rocky cliffs and impressive waterfalls, such as the MacKenzie Falls. They can be observed from a viewing platform (after 30min walk) or down to their fall (1 hour of walk).


The small town of Halls Gap, at the foot of the Grampians, offers several magnificent views of the mountain range. There are kangaroos everywhere in this small town: On the municipal stadium, around the houses and even in their gardens. Kangaroos are almost regarded as pets, they are the emblem of Australia. It can easily be seen in villages like this or on the roadsides (see the article on the Great Ocean Road) but they cannot be easily approached.

An Aboriginal museum was established in Halls Gap, as the Grampians are the most important aboriginal art site in southeastern Australia.

halls-gap-1 halls-gap-3 halls-gap-4 halls-gap-5 halls-gap-6

After a short walk, one can discover breathtaking panoramas, such as Baroka Lookout. These places are very quiet and relaxing.

img_3459 img_3484

On the way from Melbourne, we passed through very small villages. Only a few days after the Paris bombings on November 13, 2016, we saw an incredible burst of solidarity. The villagers waved the flag in the colors of France and put it forward. We felt a lot of pride in being French at that time.


« The Balconies » is a platform that offers a view on all the south of the massif from a well-known rock. After an easy walk on 1km, the view is impregnable. It is also called the « Jaws of Death » due to the shape of the rock. You have to go over the gate to get there and make a picture like this, but it is not really dangerous and you will surely see several people do it.

img_3513 img_3535


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  1. Renee Hahnel dit :

    Great post! I wish I had of made it to MacKenzie Falls though… next time! 🙂


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    I liked it!!!


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    Grampians! The best place to take the fresh air! Love this place !


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    Magnificent …!!!!


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