Mornington Peninsula

Just a stone’s throw from Melbourne, discover rolling countryside, orchards, olive groves, old buildings and more than 200 vineyards in the Mornington Peninsula area of Victoria.

The natives often call Mornington Peninsula: « The Peninsula ». It is an ideal destination for the people of Melbourne in search of leisure. Indeed, it offers visitors a wide choice of activities in addition to its splendid coastal landscape bordered by imposing cliffs.


The area is home to several diving sites, water sports of all kinds, golf courses of choice, the only natural spa in the country, two national parks and a myriad of idyllic bays where are scattered along The beach, small unusual houses.

The natural topography and mild climate of the region are ideal for vine growing. Many of the vineyards and wineries are clustered around Red Hill, Merricks, Balnarring, Moorooduc, Shoreham and Main Ridge. Pinot noir and Chardonnay are the characteristic vines of the region.


After the birth of Melbourne in 1835, almost the entire peninsula was cleared for agricultural and silvicultural purposes. Today, the interior of its land is home to a picturesque wine-growing region where there are no fewer than 170 vineyards and 50 wine cellars. With the sea as a backdrop, you can picnic in one of the many gardens and areas available, before strolling through olive groves, raised gardens and hedge parks!

From the Arthurs Seat, the highest point of view of the Mornington Peninsula, you will enjoy a splendid panorama over the bay and downtown Melbourne. On the heights of Cape Schank, it is the Strait of Bass and its impetuous waves that invite this time to contemplation.

Within an hour’s drive along the coast (with Mediterranean accents) of Port Phillip Bay, you can reach Mornington Peninsula for a weekend.


We visited the small fishing village Flinders, located on the other side of the peninsula. It has an unparalleled charm.

The town of Mornington has a charming port that invites irresistibly to the promenade. We discovered absolutely beautiful natural and wild beaches.

img_4922 img_4931 img_4934 img_4946

There are several scenic coastal towns along the way, including the beautiful municipality of Sorrento, with its elegant 19th century buildings and white sandy beaches. A real corner of paradise.

Excursions allow you to swim among the dolphins off Mornington Peninsula. These escapades, organized from Sorrento, are all the more unavoidable because they sometimes give the participants the opportunity to see the very rare sea dragons.

img_4996 img_4998


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2 commentaires Ajoutez le vôtre

  1. Marine FERNANDEZ dit :

    You seems to be on an island in the paradise on the last picture !
    May be it was the case.. 😀


  2. Kevin Allouche dit :

    Small family weekend at Mornington Peninsula … too too good as always! Beautiful landscapes, small animals and the sun for sunbathing


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