Philadelphia (which means « fraternal love and sorority », « friendship for a brother or sister ») is often nicknamed Philly ,. The city is located in the northeastern United States, between New York and Washington DC. It is the fifth most populous municipality in the United States (after New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston) and the sixth largest city in the country. It is accessible by direct and daily flights from Roissy CDG with US Airways throughout the year, and Delta / Air France in summer. Airport transfers are quick and it takes only 20 minutes to get to the city center. This one is compact, well squared and is easily walked on foot (so no need for a car, it is more cumbersome than anything else).


A major historic, cultural and artistic center in the United States, Philadelphia is also a major industrial port on the Delaware River that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Founded in 1682, it was in the eighteenth century the most populous city of the thirteen colonies before becoming for a time the capital of the United States and feeding for a few decades the financial and political rivalry between New York and Philadelphia, Be eclipsed by its rival and then lose its status as capital for the benefit of Washington. Philly was even the first capital of the United States, from 1790 to 1800!


Benjamin Franklin is the great man of the city where he settled at the age of 17, and founded his own printing house there. He was awarded the dual-focus glasses, the lightning rod, the Gulf Stream cartography, the first volunteer fire brigade, the first lending library, the first public hospital, the first mutual, the post network, and so on. Many sites are connected to his memory.


The city has several libraries, the main one being the Free Library of Philadelphia. Opened in 1894, it contains more than seven million works and is divided into 54 annexes present in the various neighborhoods.

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But what makes today the exceptional aura of Philadelphia is art! The MuralArtsProgram, an artistic and social program created in 1984, has more than 3,500 frescoes that are constantly expanding and bringing happiness to all. Not to mention more than 90 galleries and prestigious museums including the Rodin Museum, the largest Rodin collection outside France, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, known (among others!) to house the world’s largest collection of works by Marcel Duchamp.

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Lighter but no less exciting: shopping! Philadelphia has plenty to do with huge « malls » and « outlets », districts specializing in luxury boutiques (Rittenhouse Square), trendy addresses (Old City), antique shops (Antique Row) and a shocking argument: There is no tax on clothes and shoes! It must just want to let go (as we did ahah)!

dsc_5166 dsc_5176

It was a lovely day and then we headed to New York that same evening as it really is not far!

Click here to discover  New-York and here for Washington 🙂


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